York College announced on Thursday, May 19th, plans to keep and restore the historic archway with the help of The Arch Project, as well as add a new York University arch. 

The original structure was a heartfelt project of the class of 1942. Their world was undone. The number of former classmates enlisted to fight a World War increased almost daily. Many would never return home or to a campus they loved.

In that war-torn moment so full of memories of friendships and partings, the York students banded together and created what would become one of the most iconic and photographed spots on the campus.

The spot infused with so much meaning holds a special place in the hearts of many alumni as it has been the backdrop to many momentous occasions like campus visits, graduations and homecomings. 

Fast forward to 2022. After eight decades and the addition of York College to the top in 1971, the brick pillars are showing their age. The time has come for a restoration of the pillars and a renewal of the metal lettering.

At the same time, our campus is preparing to make the jump to York University and the time is right to add a second set of pillars with new lettering in a new location. It cannot replace the old entryway, but for the sake of the new students arriving this fall, it is a much needed addition. The plans for the University arch are currently being developed with a local mason and the desire is for the new arch to match existing campus structures.

The Arch, as it is affectionately known on campus, in all its simplicity, captures much of who we are. York’s identity is not about a showy statement – it’s about home. The structure may become weathered, but it always welcomes a new season, new students and fresh memories.

Your gift today can help preserve the arch and have it looking great for that next campus-visit photo. Your gift of $25, $50, or $100 now will provide a much needed facelift.* If you can add a zero to the amount that you give, please do and assure that the restoration is done right.

*The work will include refurbishing the lettering, adding a cap to the top of each pillar, replacing bricks where needed, shoring up the foundation and tuckpointing the entire structure.

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