York College hosted a Bible Teachers Workshop on Saturday, July 23. 

Again this year, the focus is helping teachers prepare for the classroom, introducing new tools, techniques and curriculum resources.

​The workshop will feature four tracks: babies and toddlers, pre-K through the primary grades, teens, and adults. Presenters will include Bruce Goodwin, Terry Kitson, Ryan and Leanne Woodard, Glenda Hall, Diane Emery, Samantha Corcoran, Julie Holland, and Norma Banning. See full speaker details.

Registration is preferred but not required. The $30 registration fee includes materials, refreshments and lunch.

A special feature for this year's workshop is the newly opened Clayton Museum of Ancient History Featuring the Stanback Collection. Housed in the same building as the workshop’s main sessions, it includes artifacts spanning from the Neolithic Period (6500-3500 B.C.) to the 17th century A.D. Pieces come from locations throughout the Middle East with the core of the collection focused on the ancient Roman soldier, their weapons, tools and personal effects. Time will be allotted for visitors to enjoy a first look at this collection that will be of lasting interest to all Bible teachers.

Questions? Please contact Brent Magner, (402) 363-5636.