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Business leaders, ministers, educators, entrepreneurs, doctors...alumni and friends with a passion for York University. The President's Council is made up of all kinds of supporters from all kinds of backgrounds. Since 2009, the President's Council has sustained the mission of York University through consistent financial support combined with a network of devoted prayer partners and advocates. 

Every donor demonstrating a willingness to invest in students with a gift of $1,000 (a one-time gift or over the course of the year) or more is recognized as a member of the council for the current year. President's Council members also enjoy opportunities to interact with President Sam Smith and other dedicated financial supporters of the school during biannual meetings. Whatever level of involvement fits, your gift today can change the future of York University students.

How Can I Join Today?

  1. Visit our giving page by clicking the link below.
  2. Select a Donation Amount  of $1000 or $500 if you are a young alumni ( ten or less years since graduation)
  3. Select "President's Council" from the Apply My Donation To drop-down options.

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Membership Opportunities


Provide your perspective to the president on issues facing the university. Twice a year (April and October) you will have an opportunity to attend an on-campus meeting for the president's update, time with students, networking with other council members, and more. Attend as your schedule allows or you can choose to opt out of council meetings.

In addition to council meeting, you can support York University efforts wherever appropriate as an advocate for the school's mission, encouraging alumni, current students and prospective students.


Commit to pray for the university, its mission, and its people. A cornerstone of the York Experience is a commitment to pray for God's work in the life of every student, faculty or staff member, every former student and every person committed to this place and its mission. Every President's Council member receives occasional updates on the school that always include an invitation to pray for specific needs and opportunities.


If you have questions, please contact Jared Stark,, 402-363-5635, or simply make a gift (select President's Council from the drop down) to get started and we will be in touch with you.

Thank you for your consideration to be a member of the President's Council at York University.

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Questions? Contact the Advancement Office.