Giving Through a Will

This is the most common form of planned giving. A gift is given by provisions made in your will designating a dollar amount or percentage of the estate to York University. An advantage of a will over other planning tools is the opportunity to adjust your will as your life situation and charitable interests may change with time. Bequests to York University are free from federal estate tax and the estate and inheritance taxes of most states. Bequests should be drawn and executed with an attorney's advice.

Sample bequest language:

Giving a specific dollar amount: "I hereby give to York University, located in York, Nebraska, the sum of $________."

Giving a set percentage of your estate: "I hereby give ____% of my estate (or "my Trust assets" if using a Living Trust) to York University, located in York, Nebraska."

Bequest with York University as contingent beneficiary: "In the event any of my above-named beneficiaries have not survived me, I hereby direct their shares to be distributed to York University, located in York, Nebraska."

Planned Giving Tool

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