Charitable Trust

A charitable remainder trust enables you to make a gift to York University, maintaining an income for life, avoid capital gains tax and receive a current income tax deduction. Your gift of assets, such as real estate or marketable securities, may be placed in a charitable remainder trust in exchange for a lifetime income. The donor, or someone designated by the donor, may be the beneficiary of the income stream for their lifetime or for a pre-set number of years.

After the assets are gifted into the trust they may be sold with no tax consequences and the proceeds are invested in a diversified portfolio. A charitable remainder trust is irrevocable and may not be changed once established. Trust beneficiaries, however, may be changed as provided in the trust agreement.

Main advantages of a charitable remainder trust:

  • Income stream for life
  • Avoid potential capital gains taxes on appreciated assets
  • Charitable income tax deduction
  • Asset diversification
  • Trust assets grow tax-free
  • A lasting investment in York University

Questions? Contact the Advancement Office.