1. Face-coverings are not required but are strongly encouraged. 
2. Vaccines are not required but are strongly encouraged.

York College is excited to welcome students to campus and is preparing for a spirit-filled year of growth and achievement. Students and their families are making final preparations for the migration to York where they will be welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. 

With the landscape of the pandemic constantly shifting, York College has developed COVID-19 guidelines. Although the desire is to return to operations as normally as possible, it is also our goal to create an educational environment that is safe for all members of the campus community. The guidelines reflect the ability to shift operations and respond to needs throughout the school year. 
Benefits of COVID-19 Vaccination 
At York College we all must take responsibility for our personal and community safety. York College Strongly encourages all faculty, staff, and students to get fully vaccinated for COVID 19 with counsel from your personal physician. Nearly 75% of our faculty and staff have already been vaccinated.

Benefits of being fully vaccinated:
  • Less likely to be placed in quarantine 
  • Likely to have a milder case of COVID-19 if infected
  • Less likely to miss classes, fine arts, athletics, and community events
  • Protects others who are at high risk
  • Reduces campus-wide stress and anxiety related to the pandemic
Campus cost of low vaccination rate:
  • Increased quarantine and isolation
  • Miss numerous classes 
  • Miss fine arts performances
  • Miss athletics events, and practice
  • Miss time with friends on campus
  • Higher risk of spreading the virus to others with serious health concerns