How do I find out more about scholarships?

By contacting your Admissions Enrollment Counselor or going to the scholarships page.

How do I stay eligible for Financial Aid?

Each year you must:
  • Complete 24 hours of course credit.
  • Keep a minimum GPA. Freshman must keep a 1.6 the first year. If you have a specific award that requires a higher GPA, you must maintain the standards set by that award.
  • A FAFSA must be completed each year that you are in school. 
Contact the Financial Aid Office with any further questions.

How do I find out about Work Study jobs on campus?

​Complete the FAFSA and the Work Study Application Form. Applications will be accepted until August 15. They will then be forwarded on to the various departments for review. Supervisors may contact students to arrange interviews once school begins. Preferences for jobs will be based on financial need. For more information, please visit Work Study.

Do I have to have a roommate?

As an underclassmen, you can choose to have a roommate in our residence hall or you can opt to pay extra for a private room. Upperclassmen have the option of remaining in a residence hall with or without a roommate or they can move into the on-campus apartments. Please visit Residence Life for more information. 

What if I have a problem with my housing arrangement?

We work hard to find compatible roommates and accommodate special requests for housing needs. However, if you have a concern with your living arrangements once you arrive on campus, please contact your Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Manager to find a solution. If you are aware of a potential problem with your housing assignment before you get here, contact the Director of Residence Life and Housing at (402) 363-5718.