University Priorities

"Seizing our Future," delivered by President Smith and endorsed by the York University board of trustees, examines an overarching goal of reaching strategic priorities that align with elevating the newly named University while keeping in step with the York University Mission Statement. "Seizing our Future" has seven priorities, which drive institutional improvement and vision, look externally and internally, and are labeled: 

Student Success

  • Enhance and expand academic programs that align with emerging fields and industry demands.
  • Implement student-centered initiatives to improve retention, graduation rates, and post-graduation outcomes.
  • Develop comprehensive support services to address students' physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Review mentoring and counseling programs to guide students through their academic journey.
  • Provide financial aid and scholarship opportunities to reduce barriers to higher education.

Community Engagement and New Opportunities

  • To create meaningful partnerships, foster strong relationships with local businesses, organizations, and government entities.
  • Establish service-learning programs that provide students with hands-on experiences while addressing community needs.
  • Offer outreach programs to engage with underrepresented groups and promote access to education in alignment with community goals and the University's mission.

Diversity and Belonging

  • Create an inclusive campus environment that celebrates YU's diversity statement and values the contributions of all individuals.
  • Continue implementing diversity training and educational programs to promote cultural competence and sensitivity.
  • Increase recruitment efforts to attract students and faculty from diverse backgrounds.
  • Attracting international students to enrich the campus community.
  • Offer consistent study abroad programs and internships as opportunities to promote global awareness and cultural exchange.

Faith Development

  • Strengthen and promote the integration of faith, spirituality, and ethics in university education programs and campus life.
  • Support students, faculty, and staff's personal and spiritual growth through faith-based activities, professional development, and reflection opportunities.
  • Encourage dialogue and understanding to foster a robust spiritual community.

Institutional Effectiveness

  • Conduct feasibility studies and planning for York University's next campaign.
  • Investigate grants to assist with academic resources and program developments.
  • Grow endowments tactically.
  • Improve assessment of programs.
  • Research attainable recruitment goals and messaging for enrollment for continuously changing student climates.

Campus Improvements

  • Upgrade and expand campus facilities to meet the evolving needs of the campus-wide community.
  • Invest in technology to enhance learning experiences.
  • Improve accessibility and sustainability of campus infrastructure.

Employee Experience

  • Invest in faculty development, research opportunities, and innovative teaching methods across various disciplines.
  • Promote interdisciplinary training and development or research opportunities to address complex societal challenges.
  • Encourage collaboration between faculty, students, and external partners to drive innovation.
  • Review policies, procedures, benefits, and promotional processes to continue to provide employment satisfaction, industry standards, and equality opportunities.
  • Improve campus internal processes and procedures to create effective and continue manageable workloads.

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