The brick roads; the quaint, old houses; the friendly people; the squirrels. It’s the little things that made me fall in love with York, the place I now call home. There are many things I love about York, but the three that stick out to me are the natural beauty of the landscapes, the history laid in the bricks of the town, and the people who live here.

I’m from Colorado, where nature’s beauty kinda screams in your face. You look to the horizon, and boom! There are awe-inspiring mountains. But Nebraska is home to beauty, too


Complementing the landscape are the old brick roads and historic brick houses in York. Many of these buildings leave a legacy of simpler times behind. One such building, Hulitt Hall, is on the York College campus. It was built in 1903, and is still used today! This is definitely my favorite building on campus. I loved having my history classes here because this building is living history. When the wind blows, the windows creak with age, as if trying to tell the stories of all the classes before, and legend says that Hulitt is actually haunted. By whom, I’m not sure.

York is filled with beautiful landscapes, but it wouldn’t be York without the beautiful people. As a Theater minor, the Performing Arts Department has been the most influential in my student life. Choir and Theatre have greatly enriched my York experience. However, there are so many other things that have shaped my time here. There are many opportunities to get involved; Campus Ministries, Athletics, Internships, Clubs, and more. Because York is a small school, I can choose to be involved in many of these groups at once, instead of to pick just one. Many of my friends are involved in choir and athletics, along with a club, and campus ministries. There are also lots Internships available on campus and off. The York Chamber of Commerce, multiple banks, and other businesses around town are looking for new interns all the time.
York College is a great learning experience, in and out of the classroom. My life has been saturated with beauty, friends, and a home away from home. I love York and I know you will, too!  

About the Author

Brinna Horvath is a Business Communications major at York College. She is originally from Loveland, CO. Brinna is involved in theatre, the York College Concert Choir, Beta Beta Sigma Social Club, and is a member of the Campus PR Squad.
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