By Pierce Mederios

As we all know, things are far from normal at the moment. COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we go about our everyday lives. However, there is one thing that has not and will not ever change here at York College, and that is the love and care that is provided to the students. 

​​York College Admissions sent me a care package on my first day of isolation. It was a YC drawstring bag full of some of my favorite things. Jolene Herzog, director of student activities, had sent me an email asking what some of my favorite foods were, and the admissions team delivered! The bag was full of peaches, two bottles of strawberry melon Brisk, some Reese’s candies, cheddar jalapeño Cheetos, and a DVD. I was super grateful to have access to some of my favorites, and I didn’t even have to bother my roommates to get them! 

A day or two later I received another gift. This time, Student Government sent me a personal pizza from Pizza Hut and a small goodie bag with some candy and Gatorade. It was so nice to know that some of my friends at YC were thinking about me enough to send me gifts, and help me get through the isolation process! Plus, I knew I wasn’t the only one that was receiving these things. York College was providing for those in need.