While music has always been a part of my life and I’ve enjoyed being a part of a variety of performances throughout my high school and collegiate career, there is truly nothing like the glory that is York College’s Songfest. While it requires an inordinate amount of work, cooperation, time, and organization, it is an event that makes York College incredibly unique and creates an astonishing sense of community. After three years of performing on the Songfest stage, I currently have the opportunity to serve as Songfest Student Director. While my countless hours practicing Beyoncé in front of my bathroom mirror will unfortunately go to waste this spring, I have loved working on the production end of a show full of such talented hard working people, and I am itching to tell the world about all the exciting things that happen in York, Nebraska in the spring. So move over P.T. Barnum! Here are five reasons why Songfest is the greatest show.

  1. Unexpected Friendships: Being friends with your teammates is great because you obviously have a lot in common, but one of the best things about Songfest is that you get to spend time with people who are completely different than you. Diversity is a beautiful thing, and if it weren’t for Songfest, I would probably never go to a YC soccer game. Thankfully, athletes who dedicate time and energy to Songfest have taught me that this institution is better when we support each other!
  2. Music Is Powerful: Even if you don’t consider yourself a musician, you cannot deny that there is something powerful about a song that makes you feel like dancing. It is my personal belief that all people have the capacity to be musical in one form or another, and Songfest is a terrific way for people to experience performing who may otherwise not get a chance to in their lifetime. The most reserved individuals who never picture themselves on stage often are the most fun to watch! Not to mention they are pushed outside of their comfort zone and are better because of it.

  3. Improve Your Leadership Skills: While College is a magical time where you have yet to take on the real world, there will come a day where you’ll have to prove to your future employer that you can take charge and get stuff done! Being a Songfest Representative, or even helping with part of the Songfest process is excellent practice. It covers a wide variety of skill sets such as costuming, choreography, and working with people cooperatively.

  4. Community: While it is inevitable for clubs to get a little competitive, there is an overwhelming amount of love and support freely given to all participants during show week regardless of club status. The first dress rehearsal is the equivalent of my Christmas morning, because I am surrounded by people who are celebrating each other’s accomplishments.

  5. The Block Party: There is a new tradition that has made its way into Panther Days after the Friday Songfest show. The street in between Middlebrook and Kiplinger is blocked off so college students and Panther Days visitors alike can jam out, play yard games, connect with friends, unwind from all the stress of Songfest week, and most importantly, eat great food! In the past, we have had a food truck available, and if that doesn’t get you hyped about Songfest Week, I don’t know what will.

So whether you’re a high school student, parent, YC faculty or staff member, or YC student, I hope I have accurately expressed my passion for Songfest and all of the wonderful things it entails. I can’t wait to see you at future Songfest shows!  

Attend Songfest 2018! Purchase tickets now at www.york.edu/songfest or high school students can register for Panther Days and see the show for free!