​By Cole Satterfield

At the beginning of the school year, York College always holds a week known as “club week”. During this time, you get the opportunity to learn about every social club that has a presence on campus. I didn’t know how big of a role my social club, Sigma Tau, would play into my experience at York College. However, I can now say that it has been one of the biggest contributors to my amazing experience at York.

Throughout the school year, social clubs host many interactive activities such as coronation, intramural sports, and dances. Personally, a few of my favorite memories with my social club include initiation, the freshman coronation dance, and playing flag football against other clubs on campus. I really enjoyed club initiation because it allowed me to build relationships with other underclassmen in the club as well as the club officers. Also, the coronation dance in front of the school, while nerve-racking, was very fun and one of my greatest memories at York. For the coronation dance, the new members of each brother and sister club pick a song to lip sync and dance to in front of all the other clubs. During this dance, each club selects a member of their brother/sister club to serenade. I enjoyed this particular activity because it allowed me to break out of my comfort zone and bond with fellow members of Sigma Tau in a very fun and creative way. Club intramural sports are always fun too because they are very competitive and it was a blast playing football with and against some of my baseball teammates. With the intramurals, each club gets to play one another and the club with the best record wins. A few examples of the sports that we play include, football, wiffle ball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. All of these activities are very inclusive so no matter what kind of sports background you have, everyone will receive playing time.

While being a member of  my club, I have gotten the opportunity to become friends with a lot of different people around campus:varsity basketball player, track star, teammates, and other people in the McCloud residence hall. Club has made my college experience better because it allows d me to meet new people, make new friends, and become more involved on campus. Being involved in club has allowed  me to take a break from my busy schedule between class and baseball.

I highly encourage everyone to get actively involved in their club and participate in club events because it will help you make new friendships that will last a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and join a social club - you will love York College even more!