By Sadie Carr

Being busy is all I’ve ever known, I have to uphold this business all through college right?? Thankfully, there are many opportunities that YC has to offer...
​Track: 4x1 Team 

​Track has been the best and hardest of my experiences at YC. The tough moments are what make us better and bring us closer together.
Concert Choir 

​Love my soprano sista, as well as praising God with the gift He has blessed us with ❤️
YC Volleyball 

​So happy for this experience and having close teammates as my best friends. These girls were here for me as I came to York College my first week as a freshmen. I know I can go to them for anything!
York PR Squad

Squadd uppp!
 These people are so so encouraging and I am so thankful that I am connected with them through PR squad. PR squad strives to highlight and define all of the positives at York College.
Thomas Resident Assistant (RA)

Reppin' my girls!