By Breianna Cortez

​I think as a student we can all attest that studying in our room is a bit distracting. That’s why I’m here to give you a few tips on places you can go to get your study on that are offered to you right here on campus.

The library
is where I spend most of my time. It offers lots of seating upstairs and downstairs, free coffee, and plenty of plug-ins for your electronic devices. Which comes in handy when your in the flow of things, listening to the right song and your phone is sitting on 2%. Yeah, you know that feeling don’t you? That’s where the Library comes in to save the day. Plus the book cases keep your eyes from wandering which allows you to do your work. 

​​My last option is a little more off the grid. I like to spend my time at Starbucks, cliche` I know, but it’s actually very quiet. Plus, on school nights, it’s really not that busy which makes it even better. They also extended closing time on Thursdays, to help those who need a little more time. This has helped me quite a bit. But I also understand not everyone has transportation so you can 1) find friends that are willing to carpool, 2) enjoy the resources that YC has to offer. They are all great, it’s just that I'm a girl and my mood changes every day 🤓 As a student of YC, there are many places to use as study spots and a lot of people willing to help with your studies. So, if you haven’t found the right place yet, maybe try one of these that I mentioned. Happy studying peeps!