While music has always been a part of my life and I’ve enjoyed being a part of a variety of performances throughout my high school and collegiate career, there is truly nothing like the glory that is York College’s Songfest. While it requires an inordinate amount of work, cooperation, time, and organization, it is an event that makes York College incredibly unique and creates an astonishing sense of community. After three years of performing on the Songfest stage, I currently have the opportunity to serve as Songfest Student Director. While my countless hours practicing Beyoncé in front of my bathroom mirror will unfortunately go to waste this spring, I have loved working on the production end of a show full of such talented hard working people, and I am itching to tell the world about all the exciting things that happen in York, Nebraska in the spring. So move over P.T. Barnum! Here are five reasons why Songfest is the greatest show.