​Growing up, Summer Camp was always the highlight of my summer. Even from the age of 5, I tagged along with my Mom who taught Girl’s Bible Class at Midwest Bible Camp in Brighton, Iowa. People may say there’s nothing special about Southern Iowa, but to me, it was the first place I saw God. I saw Him in grassy hills and pretty sunsets, I heard Him in four part harmony and late night bunk bed whispers, and I felt him in sunburns and sweaty hugs. But most importantly, I experienced God living within the people, especially the camp counselors, who took the time to get to know me, encouraged me, and taught me about Jesus by loving me in a way only a gracious, relentless, and perfect God could inspire.


​By Cole Satterfield

At the beginning of the school year, York College always holds a week known as “club week”. During this time, you get the opportunity to learn about every social club that has a presence on campus. I didn’t know how big of a role my social club, Sigma Tau, would play into my experience at York College. However, I can now say that it has been one of the biggest contributors to my amazing experience at York.

​The biggest thing I love about York College is the fact that you can be as involved as you would like to be. I like to keep busy, so I get involved with a bunch of different activities. This is an example of a general day for me.