By Sadie Carr

I am Sadie Carr, a sophomore Elementary Education major, as well as a cheerleader, track member, choir member, PR squad member, songfest rep, and tutor! I am someone who loves to be involved and looks for every opportunity to be a part of any activity on campus! I have scheduled out what a typical Thursday looks like for me, while highlighting in blue some basic opportunities that YC has to offer!
12:30 pm CHOIR
I have to fight the urge every rehearsal not to bust out laughing with my bestie by my side- we crack each other up and it’s gonna get us in trouble someday.

At the end of every choir rehearsal, everyone circles up to listen to a devotional thought prepared by a student in the choir. We follow that up with prayer requests and end with a prayer. The choir is a strong family built on our community with a connection through music.

​3:00 pm Celebration Singers! 
Again… opportunities… I get to sing and dance with amazing people that I would otherwise not have a connection to. I love this show choir and these people. Not to mention a director who is so relatable and cracks me up laughing almost every rehearsal.

5:00 pm Track Practice
I get to enjoy the sport I love with my best friends while staying in shape?! Who wouldn’t want this??
-My events are pole vault, sprints, and the heptathlon.

7:00 pm Cheer practice
Learning new abilities everyday while getting stronger and improving my body control will benefit me in track for pole vaulting. This is a silly yet tough group of people, and I am so proud to be on this team.