​The biggest thing I love about York College is the fact that you can be as involved as you would like to be. I like to keep busy, so I get involved with a bunch of different activities. This is an example of a general day for me.
6:00 am Soccer practice
            We practice at 6am, 3 days a week during the off season. So, I wake up, get ready for practice and run over to the freeman center, where our basketball gym is. We warm up as a team before coach starts to lead the practice at 6:00am sharp.
7:30am Shower and get ready for class
Practice lasts for 90 minutes, so I walk back to my apartment, shower, and get ready for class.
8:00am Breakfast
            I like to eat breakfast in my apartment before class, sometimes my roommate even makes it for me.
8:30am Adolescent Psychology
            I love adolescent psychology with Mrs. Eckert, because I love the topics we get to cover and because of the small class size; around 20 students. This allows us to engage with each other better and ask questions freely in the classroom. Professors at York College have a genuine interest in their student’s success, and will do their best to work with you. 
10:00am Chapel
            The Campbell building hosts Chapel Monday to Friday at 10am; where all students attend. Because of Chapel, there are no classes between 9:50am and 10:45am, but the service usually lasts around 25 minutes. I love this, as it gives me the opportunity to catch up with friends before and after. Chapel consists of student lead songs of worship, scripture readings, and prayer, followed by a speaker, and finished off with school announcements. We have a variety of different speakers talk in Chapel; from students, to coaches, to professors, to administrators, to a bunch of different people from outside of the school. I really enjoy listening to the messages and stories that people offer to us as a community, supplying motivation to push myself in every aspect. Friday is also praise chapel; where we have announcements, student lead scripture readings and prayer, followed by multiple songs of worship. This is my favourite day in Chapel.
10:45am Counseling
            I am considering becoming a counsellor, so this class is my favourite of the semester. Mrs. Eckert is stressing the importance of self-care as well as teaching us about what counselling entails.
12:00pm Lunch
            The Mackey center, hosts the “Caf”. This is where I eat lunch. The Caf always has a variety of food available; a salad bar and dessert section are always available, there is a section that offers home cooked style foods, that change every day, a section that usually offers pasta with the choice of marinara or white sauce, a section that usually offer a form of fries along with burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips or something along those lines. Then there is a section that offers a different theme each day, for example, Taco Tuesday, Pasta Wednesday, and Stir-fry Thursday. You choose your sauce, meat, and vegetables, as well as gluten free or gluten filled options. Stir-fry day is my absolute favourite day!
12:30pm Coffee
            I use my time after lunch to run errands around the school or town, such as driving to Wal-Mart or picking up mail from the bookstore/Post Office on campus. But, I always try to fulfil my daily caffeine fix at Captain Red Beard’s, York’s amazing local coffee shop.
2:00pm Work study
            I work 10 hours a week cleaning the freeman center for Dennis, our custodian manager. Work study is a great opportunity to either earn extra cash for yourself or put money towards tuition. The awesome thing about Work study is the fact that there are so many openings on campus and you can flexibly work around your work, athletic, and club schedules.
4:00pm Homework/study
               I walk back to my apartment after work study to work on any homework assignments due, and study for any upcoming tests.
5:30pm Dinner
             There are a bunch of different options for dinner in York. You can eat in the Caf, eat out at a local restaurant, or grab     something from a fast food restaurant depending on your time commitments for the evening.
6:00pm Watch Basketball games
            With York College having so many athletics teams, there aren’t many days where a team isn’t playing. So, I like to show my support for other teams and watch their games when I’m not playing myself. This semester basketball is the evening sport, so I watch the girls’ and then the guys’ games back to back.
7:45pm Mascot time
            I also dress up as our school mascot, Pax the Panther during halftime of the basketball and volleyball games.
8:30pm Songfest practice
            At the end of the year York College puts on a show called Songfest. Current students, alumni, professors, and people from the community are invited to watch this 3-day performance. Brother and sister clubs within the school Theta Psi/Sigma Tau, Beta Beta Beta/koinonia, Delta Chi/kyodai, Omega Phi/Kingsmen compete as they each put on a 12-minute-long choreographed performance. I am in Theta Psi, so our club and Sigma Tau get together every Tuesday and Thursday, at East Hill church, of the spring semester to learn and rehearse our performance.
10:30pm Homework
            Every evening I either complete homework, read my books for class, or study for upcoming tests. YC offers a variety of different places to do homework, which is great because I don’t like to do homework in the same place every day. The library, the Spot, the apartment or dormitory lobbies, and bedrooms are all great places to get homework done.