By Colby Smith

1. Take Your Academics Seriously

Senior year is no time to coast by. Believe it or not, Colleges do look at your grades when you apply, and contrary to popular belief,  “Senioritis” is not actually a legitimate medical condition. Ask questions, take advantage of extra credit, find a study buddy, grab a cup of coffee, and put that brain of yours into gear. You’ve got this!

2. Keep An Open Mind

​Apply for multiple colleges or universities; even if you’ve dreamt of going to one college your entire life, it will only benefit you in the long run to have options. Life situations and how you feel about a specific school always have potential to change. Go on campus visits, talk to recruiters, and always keep an open mind. 

3. Make Time for Family.

As much as you want to squeeze in a few more nights bro-ing out with your squad, don’t forget about the people who changed your diapers and didn’t make fun of you when you thought platform flip-flops were really cool. Even though you might be anxious to be out on your own, you might be surprised how much you’ll miss dad jokes or your mom finding everything you’ve misplaced without even trying. 

4. Apply for Scholarships

While you’re applying to schools, you might as well apply for scholarships as well! There are so many people in the world who believe in the power of college education, and want to help you financially.  Do some research and ask your guidance counselor for help.

5. Make Connections.

Colleges often hire current students to answer questions and give prospective students insight into what it’s like to be a college student, and some colleges even provide ways to connect with other future students through social media. Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging, and no one should go through it alone. Find students who share similar interests, and get excited for a year full of life-changing experiences!

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