York College chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) participated in the Nebraska State Leadership Conference in Kearney March 29 and 30, sailing past the competition in key events. Several members of the team qualified for the National competition, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas, June 24-27.

As a team, York PBL tied for first place for largest chapter involvement at a four-year college, which is a significant achievement for a small college. Chapter president Cole Satterfield was also recognized with the Who’s Who in Nebraska PBL Award, an honor given to an individual who stands out in their local chapter for extraordinary leadership and service.

“It is exciting to see the growth of these students over the past year, watching them take the business and communications skills they learned in the classroom and put those competencies into action while performing in competitive events,” said Stacie Turnbull, PBL co-adviser and assistant professor of agribusiness at York College.  

This conference involved colleges and universities from all over Nebraska. Fourteen students from York College competed against schools such as University of Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney campuses) as well as Nebraska Wesleyan University, Midland University, Doane University, Northeast Community College, McCook Community College, Chadron State College, and Peru State University. 

Students participated in live and online events in order to test their skills and knowledge of the modern business world. The York College PBL Panthers showed their aptitude and readiness for the marketplace by dominating the competition in multiple categories.

YC students placing in the top ten at State Competition include:
  • Diego Korol and Kitra Cody--Emerging Business Issues--1st place
  • Taylor O’Brien and Bryce Smith--Business Ethics--2nd place
  • Bryce Smith and Ella Montoya--Integrated Marketing Campaign--4th place
  • Logan Dye--Job Interview--5th place
  • Molly Little--Business Communications (test)--3rd place
  • Jake Sola--Business Communications (test)--4th place
  • Cole Satterfield--Accounting Principles (test)--7th place
  • Molly Little--Accounting Principles (test)--8th place
  • Garrett Ewing--Contemporary Sports Issues (test)--6th place
  • Zach Marsh--Contemporary Sports Issues (test)--7th place
  • Ella Montoya--Marketing Concepts (test)--6th place
  • Cole Satterfield--Sports Management and Marketing (test)--6th place
  • Garrett Ewing--Sports Management and Marketing (test)--7th place
  • Taylor O'Brien--Macroeconomics (test)--7th place
  • Ella  Montoya--Management Concepts (test)--7th place

Those that will represent York College at the national competition are Diego Korol, Kitra Cody, Bryce Smith, Molly Little, and Taylor O’Brien. Previous years’ YC competitors have laid a foundation for chapter success at nationals. In 2018, Cole Satterfield and Hannah Parker placed 7th in the nation in the Emerging Business Issues event. In 2017, Melissa Strong placed 4th in the Small Business Plan event.

“Interaction with the local business community played a part in this effort, through assisting students in developing market analysis and role playing practice interviews,” said Turnbull. “Bre Goben with Central Valley Ag, Lisa Hurley of the York County Development Corporation, and Dan Cole and Maegan Detlefs with York College, were extremely helpful as students prepared for the state event. I look forward to continued collaboration as students prepare for national competition.”

PBL is a national organization dedicated to growing the future generation of leaders looking at the business or business-related fields. They provide opportunities to help future business leaders grow in professional and personal skills and involve many unique opportunities, such as business tours, workshops, and more. 
PBL members and advisors at the state competition (l-r): Stacie Turnbull, Logan Dye, Diego Korol, Bryce Smith, Kitra Cody, Taylor O'Brien, Ella Montoya, Tim Lewis