​According to several recent studies and rankings, York College is recognized as one of the best and most financially sustainable colleges in the state and region based on a variety of metrics. These rankings show that York College has made progress in several key areas in the past decade.

U.S. News and World Report released their annual college rankings earlier this month. For the first time in recent years, York College appears in the top tier rankings for best colleges in the Midwest and on the list of best colleges for veterans.  

Consulting firm Bain & Company has conducted a study of financial sustainability in colleges and universities. The study corrects for size of institution to determine comparative financial strength. York College appears in the study listed among the most financially sustainable colleges and universities in Nebraska. In the nation, York College lands in the top 13 percent of tuition-dependent private colleges and universities for financial stability.

Financial stability is determined in this study by comparing year over year increase in expense versus increase in revenue as well as growth in assets. It also takes into consideration the size of endowment relative to number of full time students. In the reporting period, York College demonstrated a -34 percent expense ratio and 15 percent growth in asset ratio, with an endowment of $21,102 per full time student.

President Steve Eckman, responding to the study said, “These numbers reflect what we already knew about the increasing financial stability and strength of York College. The most important beneficiaries are our students. Our strengthened position allows us to improve our enrollment, student retention and graduation rates--all creating a better student experience and a more valuable degree.”

Finally, the New York based financial technology company SmartAsset has ranked colleges in the nation based on financial considerations including average scholarships and grants, average starting salary after graduation, tuition, student living cost, and retention. York College is near the top among Nebraska colleges for average starting salary after graduation. SmartAsset also ranks York College fifth in the state in the category Best Value, which incorporates all five categories into a “value index.”