Braving cold temperatures and rising far earlier than many students typically like to do on a weekend, a group of about 100 York College students spent Saturday morning in service. The students assisted faculty and staff members with a variety of tasks, from raking leaves to painting, moving furniture to cleaning gutters. They also enjoyed food and fellowship in the homes of the people they were serving.

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​The morning of service was the brainchild of Marissa Bressler, student body president. Bressler wants to make service a cornerstone of the York experience during her tenure, so she pitched this idea and others such as food distribution events to student government. The key to her success in finding volunteers was that many student government members were also excited about service and able to recruit their teams, clubs, and friends to the effort. The largest groups to participate in this first service day were the choir and women’s basketball, soccer, and softball teams. 

Despite temps in the teens, the students happily worked to serve six households who indicated they could use some extra help. “It wasn’t a lot of work to plan it. I think we might be able to do this kind of thing once a semester,” said Bressler. “We want to do different things to help people more often.” Bressler also indicated in the future students might do more to serve the community of York beyond college faculty and staff households.