Dr. Clark Roush, endowed chair for the performing arts, was recently notified of his appointment by Governor Pete Ricketts to the board of directors of the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC). Shari Hofschire, board chair for the council, sent a note of congratulations to Roush. “I received the notification of your "official" appointment to the Nebraska Arts Council (NAC) Board of Directors and want to say how happy I am that you have agreed to serve on the board. I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the coming months. There are so many exciting things happening. Thank you for your willingness to serve!”
Roush’s previous experiences with the NAC include writing two successful grants for the York Chamber of Commerce to bring the Omaha Symphony Chamber Orchestra to town. The York College Concert Choir performed with them both times under Roush’s direction. Sue Roush, Clark’s late wife, also served on the NAC board for two terms.

“I am excited to roll up my sleeves and help continue the marvelous work the NAC does throughout Nebraska,” said Roush. “They are a vital organization to the artistic lifeblood of the entire state. I anticipate meeting and enjoying like-minded people and look forward to reading, discussing, and voting on grant applications.”

Roush, who is in his 36th year directing the YC Concert Choir*, has represented both the choral art and York College in state-wide events as a guest conductor and clinician through the years. His most recent invitation was for the Sing Around Nebraska event at the Grand Island site a few weeks ago where he directed approximately 160 elementary students.

“It is an honor to have this gubernatorial appointment,” Roush commented. “I won’t be able to vote on any grant that would be a conflict of interest, but hopefully as I learn more about the various opportunities available, I can be a helpful resource for more grant funding to the York campus and community.”

*The York College Concert Choir has two spring performances free to the general public:
         Saturday, April 2: Panther Days Concert, Bartholomew Performing Arts Center ​at 1 pm.
         Monday, April 25: Spring Works Concert, Bartholomew Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm.