On December 1, York College is asking everyone to join in prayer for the first annual #PrayingThursday. Piggy-backing on all the special 'days' of shopping and giving in the week after Thanksgiving, York College is soliciting prayers on behalf of students and the school for this one-day event.

​"It's not a national holiday, but we think it should be," said Brent Magner, vice president of advancement. "While this is the first time we've promoted #PrayingThursday at YC, prayer is certainly not new to our campus. York College is here today because of a long history of prayers - for resources to open and reopen, for God to sustain the school year-to-year, for growth and greater service, for the people who have given their lives in service to our students, for the students who prepare for life while here -- and for their future and the impact they'll have on a lot of lives once they leave York." 

Throughout the day, York College will post prayer requests to FacebookTwitter, and this page. Others are invited to pray for these requests, as well as add requests of their own. 

#PrayingThursday requests
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest Understanding in hard times; strength & motivation when we're lacking; love in any and every situation.
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest For patience & endurance for the rest of this semester & peace that going home will be good again.
  • #PrayingThursday Thanksgiving for God's provision and leading since 1890, for how He has sustained and grown the school through many storms.
  • #PrayingThursday Giving thanks for the many employees who have dedicated their lives to serving students throughout YC's history and today.
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest "Today is #PrayingThursday. Give the Lord your heart. He knows you, loves you, and wants to walk with you. #BeMoreAtYC#LoveIsLouder"
  • #PrayingThursday For God's leading for all at YC, for the Spirit to be at work among us, for gentleness & mercy as we serve & grow together.
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest
    Stress of finals, classes, & sports; relationships w/ others; to always look to God for guidance & strength
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest Prayers for guidance in my future as graduation approaches along with motivation and courage to complete necessary tasks
  • #PrayingThursday That God would continue to be at work on our campus in big & small ways & that He may be glorified in all that happens here
  • #PrayingThursday For our students, that they find a relationship with Jesus, that a relationship w/ him deepens, or that seeds are planted.
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest For me to get through these next weeks w/ motivation & grace & to forgive others when I don't feel like it.
  • #PrayingThursday #StudentRequest I want to fully use & appreciate each day leading up to Christmas break. Let us shine God's light at home.
  • #PrayingThursday For the safety of our students as they travel home for winter break soon.
  • #PrayingThursday "Prayers for what has been the most stressful semester. May God lift the burdens and show His peace."