York College has announced the 10 candidates for the Mr. and Ms. YC awards. Faculty and staff make the selection for this award from among graduating seniors, using leadership, involvement, academic performance and personality as the criteria.

Recipients of the awards will be announced at the All-College Banquet on Tuesday, April 25.

The 2017 candidates for Mr. YC are Troy Rowan, Jeff Albers, Cameron Coleman, Saia Lotulelei, and Jarrell Cunningham. Candidates for Ms. YC are Kaylee Becker, Bre Goben, Delaney Woods, Courtney Lovelace, and Soren Tobey. 

About the Candidates

Jeff Albers is a business communications major originally from Blackwell, Oklahoma. Jeff has been involved with the wrestling program as team captain, is the PBL treasurer and is also a member of the Dean’s List. Jeff and his family will stay here at York College after he graduates. He will begin coaching the wrestling team this fall. In his own words, since coming to York College, Jeff says, “I now have a great relationship with God. I have become a better all-around person and try to live my life the way my parents and God would want me to. I also want to thank York College and Coach Diaz for allowing me to come back to school and change my life. I will be forever grateful and I truly love York College.”
Kaylee Becker is an accounting and business management major from Axtell, Nebraska. During her time at York College she has been a member of the concert choir, women’s basketball team, Delta Chi Alpha, PBL, and Alpha Chi. She has been active with all of these organizations serving as PBL’s president, concert choir treasurer, and Delta Chi Alpha president. Kaylee has also been on the Dean’s List and participated in Songfest with her club. After graduation, she plans to continue to live in the York area while working at Cornerstone Bank. Reflecting upon on her time at York College, Kaylee says, “I have learned so much in my time here at York College, whether it be in my education, faith or relationships. I was able to find my own faith, make forever friends and discover who I am. For all of that, I am thankful God brought me to YC.”
Cameron Coleman is a business communication major from Allen, Texas. Cam has been a member of the men’s basketball team, earning both All-American and All-American Honorable Mention honors. During his career, Cameron has also been named:  KCAC 1st Team All Conference, AII 1st Team All Conference, AII Conference Player of the Year, and MCAC All Conference Honorable Mention. He has also received the C3 Award and been involved with the Presidential Leadership Institute and Kingsmen. Cameron has spoken in both chapel and at devo. Cam plans to continue his basketball career by playing overseas after graduation. Cameron says, “Since coming to York College, my perspective has changed on my views of life, relationships, and spirituality. I'm better now than when I first came to YC because I've learned to listen to the love that God has surrounded me with. Also I have learned to use my failures as stepping stones for a foundation for success. The people that I have been surrounded by and have grown to love have made me better, simply by being them.”
Jarrell Cunningham is a psychology major from Susanville, California. Jarrell  has played baseball, been active in Psychology Club, concert choir, Celebration Singers, York Campus Ministries and student government. He has also been a member of the Dean’s List, and was a recipient of the C3 Award for Leadership. This fall, Jarrell will attend graduate school at Abilene Christian University’s School of Theology and will be working to obtain a Master's Degree in Divinity. Jarrell says, “Being here at York College has really opened my mind up to different perspectives and ways of thinking. I've experienced Christ through so many people and things. I've learned that God works through more than just the Bible and prayer. He shows his love through the people you encounter. Through the good times and the bad, I feel like I've experienced what it really means to love others as yourself through the people I've met here.”
Bre Goben is a business communications major from Omaha, Nebraska. Bre is a member of Theta Psi and the Concert Choir, and has served as Vice President for both of these organizations. Bre has also been involved with the women’s basketball team as their student manager and was a member of the cheerleading squad. She also has been part of the Presidential Leadership Institute, Student Activities Board, PBL and was a candidate on this year’s Homecoming court. After graduation, Bre will begin working as the Development Coordinator for the York County Development Corporation. Reflecting on her time here, Bre says, “The best moment of my York College experience was when I made the decision to be present. Instead of focusing on the next big thing, I worked hard to make sure I was fully committed to all the activities I was involved in. Ultimately, I made the decision that I was going to love my experience instead of just tolerating it. It was the BEST decision!”
Saia Lotulelei is a music performance major from Kihei, Hawaii. Saia was a member of the wrestling team, concert choir, and the student-led choir Psuche Musika. Saia recently served as the assistant coach for the wrestling team. During his athletic career he was an All-American and received the Colis and Delores Campbell Transformation Award. Saia’s plans after graduation from York College include graduate school in music. Reflecting on his time at York College, Saia says, “I grew a lot in my time at YC. I became a better follower of Christ, wrestler, and artist. I owe a lot to my professors and coaches that influenced my time while I attended YC.”
Courtney Lovelace is a psychology and criminal justice major from Lake Elsinore, California. While at YC, Courtney has been a member of the softball team and cheerleading squad, a recipient of the C3 Award and been on the Dean’s List.  She has been involved with Theta Psi, Alpha Chi, York Campus Ministries, Psych Club, and the Criminal Justice Security Team.  Courtney was also named a NAIA Scholar Athlete and was a member of this year’s Homecoming court. After graduation, Courtney will be attending law school at Faulkner University and will marry her fiance, Josh. Courtney had this to say about her time at York College: “First and foremost I am now a Christian and I was not before York. I think the way I handle situations now has drastically changed as I have grown. I think I am a more gracious person, at least I aim to be. I just want to show Christ in all that I do. He is still working on me though.”
Troy Rowen is a business communications major from Stafford, Missouri. During his time at York College he has been extremely active in the theatre department, including serving as the technical director for Celebration Singers.  He was voted best tech assistant in both 2015 and 2016. Troy also worked as an RA in McCloud and Gibbs and as the assistant hall manager of Thomas North. Troy was a member of Kyodai, the treasurer for Student Association, and was named an honorary member of Kingsmen. After graduation, Troy plans to follow whatever plans God has in store for him. Troy has this to say about his time at York College: “While looking back on how York College has changed, one of the most memorable changes has been the addition of the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center. It feels good to know that the college cares enough about the arts to get us our own brand new building.”
Soren Tobey
is a vocal performance and education major from Bellevue, Nebraska.  During her time at York College, Soren has been involved with Beta Beta Sigma, Songfest, concert choir, Celebration Singers, and has performed in numerous theatre productions, as well as the recent Secret Garden musical.  In 2016 Soren received both the Concert Choir Excellent Performer Award and the Section Leader Award. In July, Soren will marry her best friend and then move to Lincoln where she will continue pursuing performance and teaching opportunities. Soren states, “Things have been in constant change from the moment I got to York, and for the better! Whether it was getting more gluten free options in the caf, the opportunity to lead songs, or even to co-direct a show. The changes and opportunities available made my YC experience better. I am better today not solely by my own doing, but by the amazing people I've been afforded to surround myself with. I want to thank those people who have helped to shape me into the Soren I am today.”
Delaney Woods is an elementary education major with a biblical studies minor from York, Nebraska. Delaney has been a member of the volleyball team, Inner Club Council (serving as its president for a year-and-a-half) and concert choir (serving as president and secretary). She is also a member of Beta Beta Sigma, Student Government, the Dean’s List, Alpha Chi, is a York Campus Ministries Intern and has represented York College traveling to different summer camps. After graduation, Delaney plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Master’s of Divinity. She reflectively states, “There is no possible way to sum up how the last four years at York College have transformed me in a way that will give it all justice. My fellow students and friends have never failed to surround me in my times of need and struggle, showing me what it looks like to be a true community. Faculty and staff have taught me to fearlessly pursue excellence and to trust that God will lead me through my own ignorance. Thank you all for teaching me how to be more like our Father. That is a gift that can never be replaced. Even though the next phase of life must come, I know that I will always have a home here. "