​Apologetics Research Society will host its annual  International Christian Evidence Conference at York College, November 11-13. The theme will be evidence from history and archaeology which supports the reliability and the message of Old and New Testaments. Speakers will include Dr. Mark Ziese, Dr. Robert Kurka, Dr. John Oakes, Dan Conder, Brian Colon, Foster Stanback and more. York College Bible professors Dr. Frank Wheeler and Dr. Terry Seufferlein will also be featured presenters.

Seufferlein will be teaching on "Questioning the Canon: Do We Have the Right Books in the Bible?" and Wheeler’s topic is "The Value of Archaeology for Studying the Gospel of John."

The conference will include tours of the Clayton Museum of Ancient History at York College. 

For more information and registration, visit the Apologetics Research Society website. The registration fee for the entire conference is $80, with a discounted rate for students. Participants who wish to attend only one day on the conference may also pay a discounted rate.