On March 13th, 2023 at 7:00 pm,York University will host Holy Ghost Stories Live in the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center. Justin Gerhardt, creator of the acclaimed Holy Ghost Stories podcast, will usher guests into an enchanted encounter with the divine by way of immersive storytelling. With live accompaniment from gifted instrumentalists, Gerhardt’s performance allows guests to experience the stories of Biblical Scripture like they never have before.

The general public is invited for an unforgettable night of story and song. Ticket cost is $5, register online and pay at the door. 

holy ghost story

About the creator
Justin is a chronically curious storyteller. In January of 2021, a shift in calling led him out of a job he loved and into a job that didn’t yet exist—after 20 years of preaching and leading churches, Justin began exploring new ways to share the ancient truths. He’s now the creator of the popular podcast Holy Ghost Stories—an immersive telling of the stories of the Old Testament. 

Holy Ghost Stories’ fourth season premiered in January and will tell the story of the Exodus alongside an original score by acclaimed cellist/composer Kendall Ramseur. To cut costs (and have fun doing it) during the early days of HGS, Justin and his family sold their home and cars and left the USA, moving slowly across the globe and living in tiny rental flats in South Africa, England, Croatia, Ireland, Greece, and Egypt. Recently, Justin moved with his wife and two teenage daughters to the hills of Northwest Arkansas.

Justin serves as the founder and president of Hazefire Studios, a nonprofit devoted to expanding the intersection of story and worship. Through Hazefire, Justin and his wife (author JL Gerhardt) partner on projects like Holy Ghost Stories and Holy Ghost Stories Live. They also host workshops such as The Storied Family and The Storied Marriage and help equip creative teams around the world in the art of storytelling.