Longtime friend of York College Monroe Hawley passed away today at the age of 93. Hawley was a member of the York College Board of Trustees for 18 years. His four children and six of his grandchildren attended York College from 1970 to 2011.

Hawley was a minister, author, and publisher, whose life’s work for the Lord will long be remembered, especially in his home state of Wisconsin. Hawley was the author of Redigging the Wells—Seeking Undenominational Christianity and Searching for a Better Way, which were used as textbooks in Bible classes at York College and sister schools. He also authored Is Christ Divided? A Study of Sectarianism and The Focus of our Faith

After preaching for congregations in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, he served as an elder and a minister for the Southside congregation in Milwaukee, where he worshiped from 1958 on. 

In addition to his teaching work, Hawley was the publisher of the Wisconsin Challenge, produced three times a year to share plans and news of Wisconsin churches. He also helped plan the annual Fallhall Glen Preacher's Retreat at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp since 1964.

Hawley and his wife Julia were married more than 70 years. One of their enduring legacies is the Bible correspondence courses they created and distributed via their family business Hawley Publications (Hawleypublications.com). This ministry is carried on today by Hawley’s grandson and is popular with prison outreach.

Hawley is remembered as a gentle spirit who worked tirelessly for the Lord.