The York College Theatre Department will present its annual Emerging Director One Act plays Friday and Saturday, November 9 and 10, starting at 7:30 PM. The plays will be directed by students, and will take place in the Scene Shop Theatre in Gurganus Hall.

The first show of the night, directed by senior Deidre Freitas, is Frostbite, a drama about three teens from Duluth, Minnesota. During a walk in the woods, they come across a homeless boy who claims to be over 100 years old. “The Kid” tells the group his life story, and they are all changed by this event. 

“A lot of this show is abstract, so it’s been a good challenge to explain to everyone the significance of certain lines or movements they make during the show,” Freitas said of the play.  The cast of Frostbite includes Victoria Miller, Simon Nabb, Samara Hannel, Felipe Martinez, Bryce Smith, Justus Coppinger, and Logan Stewart. Paige Thomas assistant directs.

The second show to be performed will be …AND OTHERS, directed by senior Ryan Harrison, and assistant directed by Desma Hamilton. This show is a journey through the mind of Amanda, a woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personality syndrome. The disorder is tied to a traumatic event that she suffered as a young girl. The play allows the audience to see the seven personalities that Amanda has developed.

“This show is difficult because it deals with mental illness,” Harrison explains. “Portraying raw emotion as an actor can be difficult. I want to do the script justice, and I feel my actors have done a great job embodying these characters and their emotions.” The cast of …AND OTHERS includes Lexi Martens, Robyn Kryfka, Erin Wallgren, Samy Baires, Chris Martens, Nate Lacina, Ryan Harrison, and Luke Dovel.

The evening of one-acts is open to the public. No tickets or admission required.

By Chris Martens 
Student Writer