Dr. Steve Eckman has announced his plan to retire in 2020 as president of York College. He will step down after a successor has been named.  Eckman is the 20th president in York’s 129-year history having served since 2009. Looking ahead, the York College Board of Trustees has announced a national search for Eckman’s successor.

“Steve has done a remarkable job in a challenging climate for private higher education,” Dr. R. Wayne White of Dallas, Texas, chair of the York College Board of Trustees, said.  “He is retiring with the highest commendation by the board as we recognize how his efforts have provided stability and progress despite obstacles facing him and other college executives in the U.S.”

White added, “Steve has surrounded himself with an outstanding leadership team with the capacity and the will to extend this era of progress. This goal is shared by the board as we select the next president of York College.”

According to White, the trustees have initiated a nationwide search effective immediately to conclude when the new chief executive has been named.

Eckman’s tenure has been highlighted by several campus additions, including the construction of the Campbell Activity Center, Touchton Baseball Clubhouse, Clayton Museum of Ancient History and the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center.  Other campus improvements have included a state-of-the-art technology update in Middlebrook Hall, renovation of the Freeman Center, and initiation of a Title III grant to transform Levitt Library from a book-heavy library to a collaborative learning space that offers the latest in research technology and student support services.

A new project, renovation of the campus landmark Hulitt Hall, serves as the capstone for his ongoing efforts to enhance the campus and improve the student experience at York College.  Following his retirement, Eckman hopes to be actively involved in the Hulitt Hall renovation project while continuing to engage students and support a variety of student activities.

In addition to changes on campus, Eckman has presided over an era of endowment growth with the college’s permanent funds tripling to nearly $20 million today. Development of York College Online, designed to expand the reach of the school, has also seen significant growth in recent years in an effort to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. Largely due to the growth of York’s online programs, the college reached a record enrollment during the spring 2020 semester.