A power-hungry politician, a treasonous plot, and a turning point in the history of Western civilization.The events of March 15, 44 B.C. held new poignancy as YC History prof Tim McNeese discussed the fall of the Roman Republic at an Ides of March event, hosted on March 14 by the Clayton Museum of Ancient History.

The two-part evening affair included tours of the museum collection as well as a dinner and program on the assassination of Julius Caesar and the rise of the Roman Empire. The museum collection tours were led by the Junior Docent Legion, a group of volunteers age 8-15. More than 100 guests took part in the museum open house and social hour.

The event continued with a thematic three-course meal consisting of neo-Roman inspired foods and a riveting historical lecture by McNeese. More than 70 guests attended the dinner.

The Ides of March event was sponsored by Kopsa Otte Associates, LLC, Greg and Julie Adams, and David and Heather Derr.