The York College Celebration Singers will perform Made With Purpose on the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center stage Thursday, March 17 through Saturday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be reserved at or purchased at the door. 

The show, titled Made With Purpose, will include all live music, covers of songs and original work of students.
“The idea is that we are made with a purpose. What we create is made with purpose. God has given us the talents and abilities to create art, so that is what we decided to do,” shared Amy Fraser, director of Celebration Singers and assistant professor of music. “We have created original work, original arrangements and covers- all with live instruments and music.”

This year’s Celebration Singers members include Mikayla Brant, Justus Coppinger, Luke Dovel, Amanda Fischer, Ross Fraser, Ashlee Jimmerson, Bruce Johnson, Leah Lane, Chris Martens, Allison Myers, Isaac Nabb, Kinzie Norton, Maryn Phillips, Bryce Smith, Jordan Strong, and Elizabeth Zaiger. They are accompanied by additional instrumentalists, Johan Rodriquez and Teague Stewart.

“I hope the show inspires the audience to accept challenges and to try to do the things they feel called to do even when they’re hard,” explained co-director, senior Justus Coppinger. “The purposes we are created for aren’t easy, and because of this, they often require us to do things that challenge us and stretch us past our comfort zones.”

“Everything on stage will be made or arranged by the students themselves,” added Fraser. “Even the artwork for the shirts, programs, and posters is student-designed. We are excited to share our creation with our campus and community.” 

This uplifting show features ukulele, djembe, bass, guitar, piano and various percussion instruments providing entertainment and inspiration for audience members of all ages.