This fall York College will welcome one new member to the faculty. Glen Bowman will teach a variety of general education and upper division courses in the psychology department as an assistant professor. 

Bowman comes to York from Los Banos, California, where he has been preaching at Los Banos Church of Christ. He has served as a teacher for World Bible School since 2008. Bowman holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Harding University, where he studied psychology and religion. He is currently working on a doctorate in psychology through Grand Canyon University.

Bowman’s previous work experiences include serving as a director of 21st Century Global Missions, a ministry which included teaching in Sierra Leone, Mexico, and the United States. He has also served as a youth minister and evangelist in churches in Como, Mississippi and Concord, California. He worked for several years as the lab manager and psychology research technician for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Martinez, California, where he managed a lab staff of graduate students and research assistants. In that role he planned and implemented experiments studying brain trauma, hearing loss, vision, and attention. 

Bowman’s research has been published in Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society and Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development. Bowman and his wife, Michole, recently welcomed their first child.