The 42nd annual Songfest production came to an exciting conclusion Saturday night in front of a full Spring Panther Days crowd. The high-energy musical performance featured nearly a quarter of the student body, as well as a handful of talented alumni, and each night gave audiences their money’s worth of entertainment.

Emcees for the production were freshmen Justus Coppinger and Thad Kinney who entertained with jokes, songs, and a lot of friendly banter. Hosting this year’s show were Josh “Todd” Anderson, Asa Coppinger, Conrad Morris, Olivia Nabb, Emma Seilstad, and Dri Sotolongo. 

The performers were tremendous in their roles and had a great mix of solos and group numbers that covered a wide range of music styles. Under the direction of Mrs. Amy Fraser, assistant professor of music, and student assistant Tommy Eckhart, months of planning, designing, creating, and rehearsing went into the four-night run of the show.

​Once again, the social clubs put their best feet forward with their song selections, costumes, and choreographed moves. Theta Psi and Sigma Tau filled the stage with their exciting opening boxing production of “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’.” Beta Beta Sigma and Koinonia then took the audience on a journey of the subconscious with their theme of “Sky Full of Dreams.” Omega Phi and Kingsmen began the second half of the show with their entertaining “A Night at the Theatre,” and Delta Chi Alpha and Kyodai completed the club productions with an impressive show full of star crazed cameo appearances in “Evolution of Music.”

After Saturday night’s performance, clubs anxiously awaited with the audience to hear the judges’ tally of their four-night production and pre-show points. Delta and Kyodai’s Evolution of Music swept the awards for best theme, choreography, costumes, and music and won both the President’s Award and the People’s Choice Award. Omega Phi and Kingsmen’s A Night at the Theatre won the Club Choice Award.

Congratulations to everyone who had a part in Songfest and thanks for putting together such a quality show!