Dear Friends,
Upon my retirement as chairman and member of the Board of Trustees of York College, I want to offer my sincere thanks for your support, encouragement and, more importantly, your dedication to York College. You have taught me that this place is very special in our service to the Lord, in the state of Nebraska and in the lives of citizens of York. I will be forever grateful for the friendships and associations Cynthia and I have experienced as a result of having served on the York College Board of Trustees.

To students and parents, thank you for choosing York College. You have many choices. However, I can guarantee that if you complete your degree, your life will be forever changed! Not only will you be prepared to launch your career in your chosen field; but, you will receive a spiritual experience that will make you a better person, a better citizen, and a better servant. Once you graduate, please remember that you did not fully pay for your education; no one ever does. Many alumni and friends contributed to the cost of your education. When your turn comes, I encourage you to financially support “the York Experience” and pass this gift on to the next generation so others may have the privilege you received.
To the alumni, thank you for your continued support of the school you hold so dear. Having visited with a number of you through the years, I know that you hold “the York Experience” close to your heart. Unfortunately, it appears to be one of the best kept secrets in the nation. I encourage you to tell others of your experience; especially young people and their parents. Share the secret. Promote this opportunity so others can share this life-changing experience.
To the leadership, faculty, and staff of York College, thank you for your support of the board of trustees. More importantly, thank you for your vision, your care and concern for students, and your dedication. I know you have other choices where you may employ your talents, but you have chosen to give your time and energy to York College. You undoubtedly do it because of your love for the Lord and your desire to see young lives transformed and equipped for lifelong service to our Lord, family, community, and nation. You do it well! Thank you for imparting the knowledge required for academic success, and thank you for letting your lights shine as examples of lives of service.
To the community of York, thank you for providing a safe, secure, and encouraging home for our students. Thank you for allowing those connected with the college to become an integral part of the York community for the betterment of all. Your nurturing, encouragement, and support are vital to the success of York College.
To our donors, without whom we could not continue to exist: the need for scholarship awards, campus improvements, program development, and much more means we will always require annual operating funds. Whether you give a million dollars or a “widow’s mite,” your financial support is vital to the college and, thus, vital to fulfilling the mission of transforming young lives for a life of service. Many of you have made a lifelong commitment to give, and I would be remiss if I did not encourage you to consider establishing an endowment to ensure your desire continues after you have departed.
I know that in a general letter of sincere thanks to all, it is dangerous to single out anyone in particular. However, I cannot let this opportunity pass without personally thanking Cornerstone Bank, the Holthus family, and our anonymous donor. To Cornerstone Bank and the Holthus family, I know it is good business to financially support local businesses, but you go well beyond “good business” in your financial support for York College. I do not possess enough elegant words to adequately express York College’s and my personal appreciation for all you do.  To the college’s anonymous donor, I applaud and honor your desire to remain anonymous, but that does not negate my appreciation for what you give to York College. Without your generosity, York College would not have two endowed faculty chairs, the Campbell Activity Center, the Bartholomew Performing Arts Center, several endowed scholarships and many other gifts for operating funds that have buoyed the college in an era of fiscal challenge for higher education. York College would not be what it is today – so well positioned – for the future without the untiring support of these three.
I also must single out four others to whom I feel a great debt. My thanks to Steve Belden and Wayne White for encouraging Cynthia and me to become involved with York College. The journey has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences we have had in a life filled with blessings. To Wayne Baker and Steve Eckman, the two York College presidents with whom I have had the pleasure to serve, thank you for your support of the Board of Trustees and for your leadership of this great institution. You each brought different talents to bear while leading the college, working to fulfill its mission and to create a vision for York’s future.
Finally, but certainly not least, to my colleagues on the Board of Trustees, thank you for allowing me to be your chair and for providing continued support and encouragement. Thank you for giving your time, talent and financial support to York College. Thank you for sharing with each of us your views on how to succeed and your unity of purpose and dedication to fulfilling the mission you so expertly expressed. Thank you for your guidance and support given to the president and his leadership team. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a dedicated group of servants.
As you can see by this letter of thanks, it “takes a village” to ensure the fulfillment of the mission of this unique institution. May God bless each of you in the role you play in ensuring success now and in the future.
Your servant in the Lord,
H. Jarrell Gibbs
“Retiring” Chairman of the Board