​York College held its annual All-College Banquet Tuesday night at the Holthus Convention Center in York. This end-of-year celebration is a chance for the student body to gather with faculty and staff for a night of recognition, reflection, and fellowship.

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Bryce Tyler and Taylor Abraham were named Mr. and Ms. York College 2018. YC faculty and staff make the selection for this award from among graduating seniors. Candidates embody a commitment to the mission, purpose and core values of York College. They must be well-rounded individuals who pursue spiritual integrity and academic excellence while making contributions to the campus and community, forming healthy personal relationships and living godly lives. 

​Bryce Tyler is a Business Communication major from Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been actively involved with the Student Activities Board, Student Government, Residence Life staff, the Presidential Leadership Institute, Songfest, Ignite Excellence Campaign, traveling summer camps, York Campus Ministries, the track and field program and the York College Theatre Department. Bryce has also been a member of Koinonia social service club, where he has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Songfest Representative.  He is a C3 Award Recipient, a multi-year member of the Homecoming Court, and the 2016 Homecoming King. After graduation, Bryce hopes to get a job working at York College, so that he can give back to the community that has brought him so much.

Bryce said that since coming to York College, “I have had HUGE opportunities to grow up. I came in with a bad attitude and mindset, but through much mentorship and hard talks, I have matured in ways I still don't quite understand. My spiritual life has blossomed here, and I have been able to build an amazing support system at York College that wasn't possible back home.” He also adds, “I just want to say thank you to all of the faculty and staff for considering me for this awesome award. I am forever in debt to York College for what it has brought me, and the way that it has transformed me. God bless you all, and thank you very much!”

Taylor is a Psychology major with a minor in Biblical Studies from Buffalo, Missouri.  She has been a member of the volleyball team, the York College Concert Choir, Celebration Singers, the Residence Life staff, Student Association and York Campus Ministries, where she has served as an Intern for the last year. Taylor has been President and Spiritual Life Director of Theta Psi social club, and she was a 2018 and 2016 Songfest Hostess. She was also nominated to the York College Homecoming Court and has received C3 Awards for her roles in the Concert Choir as well as on the volleyball team. After graduation, Taylor plans are to find her passion and takes heart in knowing that the Lord will be with her through it all.

Reflecting, Taylor says, “YC has allowed me to grow as a student, friend, and a spiritual leader. Before YC I was a small town, naive, "fly by the seat of her pants" kind of girl with no direction or purpose (so I thought). But, since being at YC, although I am still that small town girl, I have become brave in my relationships, confident in myself as a child of God, and stronger in my relationship with our Lord. I'm better because of the people I have met, experiences I have had, and the ways God has worked through me and others in my time at YC. Through all of these things I have discovered the realness and authenticity of God and how He can work through and be seen through every one of us. Among many things, YC has taught me who I am, who I strive to be, and given me a better understanding of who our God is.”

Lindsey Eckert, Assistant Professor of Psychology, was voted by students as the 2018 Faculty Member of the Year. Dennis Leinen, who has been a part of the buildings and grounds’ crew for 20 years, was voted Staff Member of the Year for the third year in a row. For going the extra mile in her role as director of alumni and communication, Chrystal Houston was given the David and Nellie Reppart Award for Service.

Recognized for their years of service to York College were: Stephen Detlefs, Dr. Jennifer Dutch, Dr. Milton Eckhart, Dr. Kirk Mallette, Barbara Thompson (5 years); Justin Carver, Dan Cole, Chrystal Houston (10 years); Tim Bruner, Erin DeHart, Tim Lewis, Mark Miller, Todd Sheldon, Jared Stark (15 years); Dennis Leinen (20 years); Ramona Ratliff (25 years); and Marti Soderholm (35 years).

Social clubs were also presented with year-end awards. Academic Excellence Award went to Delta Chi Alpha; Community Service Award to Omega Phi; Big Heart Award to Kingsmen; and the All-Sports Award was a tie between Delta and Kyodai and Theta Psi and Sigma Tau.

Mr. and Ms. YC candidates (above l-r) Grady Johnson, psychology major from Great Falls, Mont., Taylor Abraham, psychology major with a minor in Biblical studies from Buffalo, Mo., Bryce Tyler, business communication major from Lincoln, Neb., Ainsley Mountjoy, Biblical studies major from York, Neb., Peyton Horton, business communications major from Centralia, Mo., Aubrey Tate, mathematics and math education major from Holland, Mich., Caleb Magner, vocal performance and music education major from York, Neb., and Sarah Shafer, special and elementary education major from Big Piney, Wyo.