Available Information

The following information is readily available to current students and upon request to prospective students:

A. Description of student financial aid programs (need-based and non-need based, Federal, State, and Institutional):  York University Catalog, Financial Aid Brochure, Consumer Information

B. The method by which such assistance is distributed among student applicants who enroll at York University: York University Catalog, Consumer Information

C. Forms completed for application for financial aid:   Admissions or Financial Aid Brochure, Consumer Information

D. Satisfactory Academic Progress criteria and the procedures by which a student who has failed to maintain such progress may re-establish eligibility for federal student financial aid: Consumer Information, York University Catalog

E. The rights and responsibilities of students receiving financial assistance: Consumer Information

F. The means by which financial aid will be disbursed and the frequency of disbursements: York University Catalog, Consumer Information

G. The terms and conditions of any employment that is part of the financial aid package:  Consumer Information

H. The terms of and schedules for repayment of all student loans: Consumer Information, Financial Aid Office

I. The cost of attending the institution, including (1) tuition and fees (2) estimates of on-campus room and board costs (3) estimate of books and supplies (4) estimated transportation costs (5) any additional cost of the program in which the student enrolls: York University Catalog, Admissions or Financial Aid Brochure, Consumer Information

J. Written standards which conform to current regulations for measuring whether a student is making satisfactory academic progress (SAP): York University Catalog, Consumer Information

K. The refund policy of the institution for the return of unearned tuition and fees or other refundable portion of costs paid to the institution:  York University Catalog, Consumer Information

L. A statement of the institution’s policies regarding any refund due to the Title IV student assistance programs:  Consumer Information, York University Catalog

M. The academic programs of the institution, including (1) the current degree programs (2) the instructional, laboratory and other physical plant facilities which relate to the academic programs (3) the faculty and other instructional personnel: York University Catalog, Consumer Information

N. The names of associations, agencies or governmental bodies which accredit, approve or license the institution and its programs and procedures by which the documents may be reviewed: York University Catalog, York University Accreditation Page

O. The title(s) of person(s) designated to provide information and the methods by which and locations in which any person(s) so designated may be contacted by students and prospective students who are seeking any of the above mentioned information: York University Catalog, Admissions or Financial Aid Brochure, Consumer Information

P. School’s missing person’s procedures: John Jewell, Crisis Response Team Leader 402-363-5753.

Q. Emergency Response and evacuation procedures: Crisis Response Guidelines located in prominate place in every area of every building or John Jewell, Crisis Response Team Leader 402-363-5753

R. Fire Safety Report: Located on the Consumer Information Page or by contacting Bob Gaver, Director of Facilities, 402-363-5721

S. School Policies regarding all vaccinations: York University Website Consumer Information Page or the Director of Residence Life and Housing, 402-363-5718.

T. Policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement and liabilities students may face for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials: York University Student HandbookHandbook excerpt or Vice President for Student Life: 402-363-5614.

U. Annual Equity and Athletics Report is available on the Consumer Information page or by request by contacting Garrett Schwarz at 402-363-5657 on the York University Campus.

V. Voter Registration Information

W. ​Student Complaints Against Postsecondary Institutions