COVID-19 FAQs (Fall 2021)

Updated 8/6/2021
Are there any special requirements for me to return this fall?
For all students, we advise you to do these things before you return:
  • Vaccination is encouraged but not required.
  • It is strongly recommended that those who have not been vaccinated be tested within 72 hours of arriving on campus.  If you test positive please stay home until your isolation period is completed.
​What do I do if I’m sick when it’s time to return to campus?
If you are feeling sick, please delay leaving home. Rest. Get better. Contact the admissions office to let us know you have been delayed. If your return is extended but you are able to begin class work from home, we can work with you. Your communication with us will be key.
How do I show proof of vaccination?
Students need to provide proof of vaccination via All full-time, seated students with proof of vaccination by October 15th will receive a one-time Vaccination Grant of $250 that can be applied to their student account.

A vaccination clinic will be on campus on August 27. 
​Will I have to quarantine when I arrive on campus?
No, quarantining after arrival will not be necessary unless one tests positive for the virus. This includes international students. 
What does isolation look like?
  • Students living in the Gibbs or Kiplinger Apartments will remain in their apartments. Students in Thomas will move to the Thomas suites and McCloud and Thomas North students will move to Beacon Hill. Students will receive communication on where to go. 
  • Meals will be delivered once day including a hot dinner and breakfast items and cold lunch for the next day. 
  • Students should contact for more questions or other isolation needs.
Will face coverings be required on campus?
  • Face-coverings are not required but strongly encouraged. 
  • Face coverings may be mandatory in certain settings or if the college moves to a higher alert status.

Why should I wear a face covering?
We love our community at York College! We have to work together to ensure a successful and healthy semester. All of our guidelines are based on recommendations from the CDC and our local health department. 

Face coverings can protect both the one who wears the covering and the ones they are around. Some members of our YC community have compromised immune systems. Wearing a face covering is a very tangible way we can work to take care of one another this school year.
​Panthers take care of Panthers!
What do I do if I cannot wear a face covering for health reasons?
You will need documentation from your health care provider to opt out of the face covering guidelines. We do understand that some students, as well as faculty and staff, should not wear a face covering, but it is essential for you to self-identify with if this is the case for you.
How is the Caf going to work?
  • The cafeteria will operate at full capacity.
  • ​​The cafeteria will be open to only students, faculty, staff, and invited guests of the college.
What will classes look like?
  • All classes will return to an in-person format at full capacity. 
  • Sanitizing wipe stations will be located in all major academic hallways and each classroom to allow students to wipe down their areas before use.
  • It is strongly recommended that every student come prepared with adequate technology (a laptop or comparable) to fully participate in any virtual learning component for their classes. 
What sanitation precautions will be added to campus?
We will continue sanitation across campus, especially high-touch and well-trafficked areas. Classrooms will be sanitized and will be equipped with supplies students may use for individual sanitization between classes. The cafeteria staff will frequently sanitize tables.  All entrances to buildings will have hand sanitizing stations. 
Are we having chapel?
Yes, daily chapel will return to full-capacity, five days a week. 
Will there be daily screenings?
There will not be a daily screening process however we do expect members of campus to self-monitor.  If at any point you feel sick or test positive, please contact
How will COVID-19 testing be done?
  • Members of campus will be responsible for their own testing. Nebraska has discontinued free testing. 
  • Walgreens currently has free rapid testing available through the drive-thru window.  Students can make an appointment on their website
  • Other testing options include Urgent Care and BinaxNOW over the counter (available at Walmart/Sam’s Club).
Is it okay for me to travel off campus during the fall semester?
If you must travel, please take precautions while doing so in order to avoid bringing Covid-19 back to campus and the York community.

Our relationship with the City of York is highly valuable to us. We ask that you respect our fellow community members by taking the necessary precautions and following guidelines out in the community as well. It is one way we can communicate to them that we are working together to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our community. ​
Will there be limited capacity seating at athletic and performing arts events?
  • Intercollegiate competition and performing arts events are scheduled to take place at full capacity.
  • Fans and audience members will be strongly encouraged to wear masks.