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Refund Statement

Spring Semester 2020 Refund Criteria and Instructions

Eligibility criteria - must meet one of the following
1. You have not returned to campus after Spring Break.
2. You remained on campus during Spring Break but checked out of campus housing by March 22.
3. You returned to campus following Spring Break but have since completed the check-out process with your Resident Director.

Actions you must take to receive your refund
1. If you have checked out and you completed the check-out form and returned your key at that time, there are no further actions you need to take to receive a refund.
2. If you left campus without completing the check-out form and/or returning your key, you must contact your Resident Director by April 3rd to finalize your check-out and make arrangements to return your key.
3. If you have not returned since Spring Break or have otherwise left campus without checking out, you must contact your Resident Director by April 3rd. We know that every situation is different and that restrictions on travel are changing daily. So, your contact with your Resident Director is essential. When you visit with them, you will need to determine:

  • If it will be possible for you to return to campus to collect your belongings, check-out and return your key.
  • If it is not possible for you to return to campus, you will make arrangements for your possessions and receive instructions on returning your key.
  • It is important that you confirm your travel plans with your Resident Director ahead of returning to campus. We do not want any student inconvenienced if quarantined because of the Nebraska state mandate. Please communicate before you come.

It is essential for you to communicate with your Resident Director. If you do not communicate and finalize arrangements with them, you will not be eligible for a refund. 

How refunds will be issued
1. If you have a balance due on your account, your refund will be applied to that balance.
2. If your account is paid-in-full and you are a graduating senior, you will be issued a refund check.
3. If your account is paid-in-full and you will be returning this fall, your refund will be applied as a credit toward your Fall Semester 2020 bill.

The Business Office will mail refund checks to the billing address on your student record unless you give them instructions otherwise.

Page updated March 26, 2020