Branding & Logos Standards

Brand Guide

These are the official logos of York College, York, Nebraska. The logo mark represents the richness of our 131 year heritage, please help us protect our mark by using it properly. The following outlines the proper usage of the logo.  Picture THE LOGO
The mark (the window) and the text are set up to be balanced with one another. These elements should not be resized separately. The font should not be altered—nor should any other fonts be used in place of this.

Ideally, you should always use the original logo file to ensure accuracy. The logo uses the colors PMS 300 and PMS 132. The logo should always be shown in these two colors when possible. Exceptions are outlined later. CLEAR SPACE
The clear space required on all four sides of the logo is shown below. All text, graphic elements and page edges must be outside of this clear space. The clear space is defined by the width of the “ ” in the word “College” in the logo. Picture LOGO ON WHITE BACKGROUND
When the logo is displayed on a white background it should be two colors: PMS 300 (“York”, the window outline, and “since 1890”) and PMS 132 (“College” and the window panes). The PMS 132 tints that color the window panes should not be altered.
In instances where the logo must be reduced to one color, use PMS 300, PMS 132, black, or a 60% tint of black. Picture INCORRECT USAGE
The examples on this page and the next demonstrate some incorrect uses of the York College logo. Do not distort the logo. Picture Do not remove elements of the logo. Picture Do not show the typographic lockup without the “window” mark.  Picture Do not rearrange elements of the logo. Picture Do not tilt the logo. Picture ​The logo should never be shown on a background that is too busy or complex that it compromises the legibility of the logo. Proper contrast (contrast that is not weak or subtle) between the background and logo must always be maintained. Do not place the logo directly on top of the brand pattern. ACCEPTABLE USAGE: Picture UNACCEPTABLE USAGE: Picture A, B, C: The backgrounds shown here are too busy and complex to provide an acceptable amount of contrast for the logo. 

A: The logo should not be reversed out without the opacity levels.
Picture D: The background is too light for the reversed out logo. There is not enough contrast between the background and the logo. 

E: The background is too dark for the black logo and does not provide enough contrast between the two. Additionally, the logo should not be switched to black while keeping the opacity levels intended for the reversed out logo. See page 15 for information on using the black logo. 

F: The reversed out logo should not be placed on top of patterns, including the brand pattern.  

Adobe Garamond Pro and Frutiger are the typefaces approved for use in all materials. Adobe Garamond Pro is generally used for substantial copy or text areas, and can also be used in brochure or ad headlines. Frutiger is generally used for supporting copy, headlines, etc. This guide uses approved fonts, and can be used as examples of how to implement typography in printed pieces.  Picture THE SEAL
The official York College seal conveys a sense of our rich heritage, including our founding year, 1890.
While the use of the seal is not restricted to legal documents and diplomas, it typically should only be used on primarily academic or historic materials. With the exception of a diploma, the seal must be used in conjunction with the York College logo. 

The minimum size for the seal is 1/2 inch. It should also have at least 1/2 inch of clear space surrounding it on all sides. 

When appearing on a white or light background, the seal should be PMS 300. When appearing on a background other than white or a light tone, the seal should reverse out as white.
When the seal is to appear in conjunction with the York College logo, it should be the more subtle; use 15% tint of PMS 132 in these cases.