York College celebrates the life and service of Mike Myers, who lost his battle with pneumonia and COVID-19 Wednesday, April 29, at the age of 74. He passed peacefully with his wife Carol close by, family members in the lobby, and members of the Littleton Church of Christ praying in the hospital parking lot. 
A beautiful tribute posted online had this to say about his passing: Mike and Carol have served the Littleton Church with care for 47 years. Most recently Mike served as our church’s Pastoral Care Minister, a very fitting title for a man who dedicated his life to pastoring youth, families, and preaching God’s word. Mike’s ministry had a long arc that will continue beyond his death. As he lives with Jesus in heaven his legacy lives with us here on earth.

Mike was part of the YC Board of Trustees for thirteen years (2008-2020), but his service to York College began decades before, when he took a session of 38 campers in 1981 and grew it to the Soul Quest so many thousands have called their camp.

“For fifteen years, Mike worked his magic, lending his visionary leadership among the youth ministers who would plan their summers around six days in June,” said Tim Lewis, professor and co-director of Soul Quest. “Mike was a legend and will be greatly missed.”

Mike speaking at Soul Quest in 2004