There is an undeniable charge of excitement in the air. Major renovation projects are wrapping up, new banners and signs continue to appear around campus, faculty, staff, and administration are settling into new offices, athletic teams are getting in gear, and best of all… students are back! While it is difficult to compete with the enthusiasm and anticipation of the opening days of college life and what they offer students as they step on campus and move into their residence halls, there is definitely something different about this year. New beginnings, new friends, new schedules, new home, a new name! Welcome to York University!

For those who have years, decades connected to this campus, transitioning to University isn’t a “flip-the-switch” type of mindset. But to the typical arriving freshman or transfer student who doesn’t have family history with this place, it has always been YU… even typing the letters YU still seems a bit awkward. I don’t think I’m alone in wanting this excitement to continue and to never dissipate. It’s fresh and fun and sets the entire academic year on its ear and makes you wonder, “What’s next?”

For the time being, we’ll just take one day at a time, making the most of each new chapter from move-in day and new student orientation to senior capstone projects and graduation. This first day of classes including an 8 am class in the re-envisioned Hulitt Hall, opening chapel—now known as “The Well,” and the lifelong friendships that are in their infancy are being written on a clean slate of University firsts and will be historical in their own right. Each student will have their own lens through which they will view their York experience. The entire faculty will individually and prayerfully embrace their roles in transforming lives. Administration and members of the staff will juggle busy schedules to make room for important conversations.

Thanks to our rich heritage, loyal supporters, and a faithful, loving God, the York University tapestry is in good hands. And although the reveal is impossible to foresee, it will include threads of each and every person who has touched and is being touched by this anointed place.