The Brian Lemons Athletic Training Center is a desperately needed project. For Chad Karcher, our long-time athletic trainer, it is all about better care for the student-athletes he has served for 23 years. Thanks to the $200,000 Brian Lemons’ Challenge, we are close to making this dream a reality.

​One of the hundreds of YC students touched by Chad Karcher’s dedication and care is Dr. Jennifer (Witt) Martin who finished York College in 2009 with a B.S. in Biology and an Athletic Training minor. She played volleyball and basketball, and after graduating worked in admissions for a year prior to pursuing her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Now, back in her hometown of Flagler, Colorado, with her husband, Cody and sons, Coehn and Logan, she is a physical therapist with the local hospital and satellite clinics.

"My first interaction with Chad was during volleyball practice," shared Jennifer. "Everyone knew Chad and it wasn’t long for the ‘newbies’ to understand why. He was an instrumental cog to keep the athletic teams going. His knowledge of injuries, his presence at every game and availability during practice didn’t go unnoticed."

"Late in my sophomore year I suffered a debilitating ankle sprain. Immediately available, Chad got me on the correct treatment and eventually led me through the long rehab needed to return to my sport. From ice and crutches to running figure eights and sprinting in the gym, he was there and he expected me to show up after classes to rehabilitate. He may not admit it, but he may have gotten a slight kick out of the ice bucket phase of rehab. Unwavering, he was confident and accurate in his treatment, all the while treating many others who needed him at the same time."
Martin Family — Flagler, Colorado

"Watching Chad, my plans shifted away from being an orthodontist to the career I have today. I would not be a physical therapist if it weren’t for Chad Karcher. His wisdom, listening without judgment and ability to treat made me realize that I wanted to have the impact on people that he has had on so many. My athletic training minor led to many hours in the training room, this time on the other end of treatment. Chad guided me through taped ankles, basic tests and analyzing how people walk (which drives my husband nuts, but is still so crucial to my current profession). In grad school, I was a step ahead of most because of my time spent in the YC training room. It was also during this time that my love for treating student-athletes began which continues to this day."

Training Room
Chad’s compassion and ability to make athletes better is a huge asset to York College. His many hours in the Freeman Center and other fields toting ice chests and his training kit in preparation for when he is called to the playing arena is more than work. It shows his love. More than an athletic trainer, Chad is a friend, someone I went to for advice, and worthy of honor. Your gift to the Brian Lemons Athletic Training Room, will give Chad space to better perform his calling: helping and serving YC athletes.
The Power of One is a great description of Brian Lemons and the life he led. It’s no coincidence that his name will be on a workspace where Chad Karcher lives out that daily calling of commitment and care for others.

To finish this project, we need you. The Brian Lemons’ Challenge will double the impact of your gift, enhancing Karcher’s work, and helping students for years to come.