York College history professor and noted author Tim McNeese will once again be appearing on the American Heroes Channel program “America: Facts vs Fiction.” Upcoming episodes featuring McNeese will air Saturdays, January 28, February 4, and February 25.

​Filling in the holes, debunking the myths and making whole the half-truths of history is the essence of "America: Facts vs. Fiction." Hosted by former naval officer and actor Jamie Kaler, the series digs deep into many myths and legends to explore how and why historical details are sometimes altered to produce a more compelling narrative.

McNeese will talk about the American West, the Boston Tea Party, and Benedict Arnold in the upcoming episodes of "America: Facts vs. Fiction."

Television appearances are becoming the norm for McNeese, who appeared on “America: Facts Vs. Fiction” in 2014, discussing the Transcontinental Railroad, the building of the Panama Canal and Custer’s Last Stand. In 2006, he was featured on the History Channel program, “Risk Takers, History Makers,” in an episode about John Wesley Powell and the Grand Canyon. McNeese’s recent appearances include an NET Television "Nebraska Stories" segment on General John J. Pershing that was also modified for use on NET Radio. A full length documentary on Pershing featuring McNeese will be released on NET Television in November 2017.

McNeese has been teaching history at York College since 1992 and is also the author of over 120 books. Most of his books are available through Amazon, or can be found at his website at www.timmcneese.com. His latest title is Revolutionary Spies: Intelligence and Espionage in America’s First War, published in 2015 by Fall River Press. McNeese is set to release three additional titles in 2017 with Chelsea House Publishers.