​Campus was awash in blue corduroy on Tuesday as 91 ​FFA students from seven Nebraska schools met at the first annual Cultivate: LSE Experience, hosted by York College. This educational event gave these agriculturally minded high school students a chance to practice their Leadership Skills Events ahead of district competitions, which begin in December.

Leadership Skills Events include categories such as parliamentary procedure, creed speaking, agricultural demonstration, job interview and public speaking, among others.

The York College Cultivate event provided participants an opportunity to polish their skills with feedback from faculty, staff, and college students. After the practice and learning rounds, participants repeated their event in a judged round that included critiques from industry professionals.

“We are pleased with the turnout and feedback we received from participants, sponsors, and judges,” said Dr. Shane Mountjoy, York College provost. “We are hopeful this experience will help prepare these FFA students for upcoming competition.”

Upcoming FFA events to be held on the York College campus will allow participants to complete Career Development Events (CDE) over agricultural topics. Students who score high enough on these exams will have the opportunity to earn credit from York College.

Team results
Agricultural Demonstration

1st       Cross County
2nd    High Plains
3rd     Agronomy Academy, York

Creed Speaking

1st         Sam Wilkins, Ainsworth
2nd      Henry Beel, Ainsworth
3rd       Danielle Freeman, Superior


1st           Danny Bresnahan, Cross County
2nd         Jack Arens, Ainsworth
3rd          Reggie Rafert, Cross County

Job Interview

1st        Katie Bresnahan, Cross County
2nd     Ashley Einspahar, Arcadia
3rd      Hannah Miller, Cross County

Junior Public Speaking

1st       Amanda Schmidt, Stanton

Senior Public Speaking  

1st       Ashly Reese, Stanton

Natural Resources
1st       Abi Colsden, Stanton

Junior Parliamentary Interview    

1st        Ainsworth, Team 1
2nd     Ainsworth, Team 2
3rd      Hannah Miller, Superior

Senior Parliamentary Procedure

1st        Ainsworth