For more than three decades, York College students have been “educated at the feet of Gamaliel.” He may not be the first-century scholar of Jewish law that Paul lists as part of his pedigree in Acts 22, but Dr. Frank E. Wheeler’s credentials, experience, wisdom, and knowledge have been held in great esteem by colleagues and YC students, especially Bible majors, for 34 years. From upper level courses such as Archeology and the Bible and The Corinthian Letters to freshman courses like History of the New Testament: Gospel and Acts, Dr. Wheeler has imparted his insight and expertise to thousands of young minds in and out of the classroom. His wry smile and dry sense of humor will be sorely missed as he retires at the end of the semester. But oh, how we will miss his understanding of biblical times and places and the passion with which he can go deep into the Gospel of John and uncover priceless treasures.