​From web-based tours of the Holy Lands to new curriculum options, ​attendees from five states shared what’s new in Bible class teaching at the recent Bible Teachers Workshop hosted by York College on Saturday, July 23. The 2016 workshop saw more than 80 participants from churches throughout the region.

​In keeping with the mission of York College to transform lives through Christ-centered education and equip students for lifelong service to God, family, and society, the Bible Teachers Workshop equipped participants to be more effective in ministering through Bible class education in their home congregations and make an impact at the local level.

Speakers for the workshop covered material for all age learners, from cradle roll through adults. Experienced teacher-speakers included Norma Banning, Diane Emery, Glenda Hall, Sam Corcoran, Ryan and LeAnn Woodard, Terr​y Kitson, Julie Holland, and Bruce Goodwin.

Rick Eldred ​served as host and facilitator for the ​day. “Our goal in offering the Bible Teacher's Workshop is to strengthen and encourage congregations in the Midwest region in their Bible class programs,” said Eldred. “Over a dozen congregations, mostly under 100 members, were in attendance this year. Many left the workshop with not only ideas in mind, but curriculum in hand. I heard several say how they were ready to use what they learn immediately."

While on campus, the participants had the opportunity to tour the Clayton Museum of Ancient History. Many of the items in the collection are from Bible times, making it a great resource for Bible class teachers as well as the general public.

​The next Bible Teachers Workshop will be hosted at York College in 2018.